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Learn & Explore The History of Jewellery on Earth

PRE HISTORY (100,000-3200 BC)

Yes! We are talking about the Stone Age and may be of Earlier times, In those days the communication between persons were done by symbols and letters. At the same time people also wore jewelleries which were usually made of deer teeth, sea shells, Agate Beads & many more.

BRONZE AGE (3200-600 BC)

The Bronze Age was the revolutionary age of human life. We know the root of the civilization started / flourished during this period. The most famous and significant culture, craftsmanship, designs reflects in architechure, metallurgy and ofcourse the jewellery too. Europe got the revolutionary breath.


We demarcate classical age in two parts -"Early & Late".


The human beings started appreciating jewels and precious metals from this time. This age hammered the singular beauty and complexity of human nature. The Royals began to possess the magnificent articles like necklaces made of costly gem stones and rare natural corrundums.


In this period the remakable silk trade started which dramatically changed In this period the global business within a very short time frame. Gold, silk, ivory, exotic animals and many more were moved to different countries. Jade & Cameo were used from this age. This age is also known as Sea Trade Age.

EARLY MID AGE (500-1066 AD)

In this age religious demarcation started. Christianism spreaded mostly in Europe and Islam spreaded in Middle East and many other places. Islam enjoyed its golden time during this period. Ornaments like combs, necklaces, nosepins, anklets, & bracelets were made with jade. It was the sign of prosperity as well as wealth & power.

LATE MID AGE(1066-1450AD)

"Robin Hood"- Robbed from the rich & gave to the poor. In this age the people possessed rare gem stones over metal as their jewellery & wealth. At this time gold was important among the Europians. Surprisingly the other parts of the world never considered this metal as valuable but in the growing time it happened so.


Culture, science, art, eticacy took place . India was ruled by the Mughals. Those were the golden era  for them. The few rare curved in Jade and delicate flowers worne with hair pins were found in this age. Renaissance gave good artists as well as goldsmiths too.

CHANGE OF AGE (1600-1715 AD)

Diamond became the rarest gem Stone. It became the most valuable & adorable amongst the Royals and the Rich. They used diamonds in their clothes and even in their shoes too. Just as an example the French Queen Marie de Medici wore a gown which had 3000 Diamonds & 22000 natural salt water pearls stitched on it. The would be Poland king Augustas The Strong took 22 horses to carry his jewellery to his coronation.


" The World Changed". The steam engine was invented, the pattern of jewelleries also changed, Our forefather got the smell of the change . He started the renowned & welknown establishment "Roy Cousin & Co". in the heart of the then city of Calcutta ( now known as Kolkata) at Dalhousie Square. The British Flag never saw the twilight in this age around the globe. Prince Dwaraka Nath Tagore of renowned Tagore family of Calcutta used to wear diamonds on his shoes.


Queen Victoria was the owner of this age throughout the world. The industry began during this time along with new manufacturing methods.The jewellers were also exposed to new dawn. They manufactured fine jewelleries & the birth of fine jewellery houses around the world took place. After opening of the japanese border in 1853 coral came to limelight. Some curved & engraved sophisticated pieces were made during the Victorian Age.

20th CENTURY (1900- Y2K)

The Radio, Movie & Talkie were invented . Lt. Shambhu Nath Roy set out on a new journey named "The Bengal Jewellery Manufacturing Company "in the heart of the city of Kolkata in 1924 AD at Girish Park. It became the land mark of the area. The undivided India got its freedom on 15 th August 1947. Pandit Jawharlal Nehru became the first prime minister of free India. Mahatma Gandhi was declared the "Father of  the Nation". On Jan 30th 1948 India faced the first attack, "Bapuji" was shot dead in a point blank range . We were honoured & proud  to make the " Ash Holder" (click photo) of "Bapuji".It is kept at Gandhi Ghat Barracpore, Kolkata.
By that time the Art Deco was in history. Mordernisation was every where. The most significant changes were found with the invention of computer.

Y2K- ?

With the invention of email, globalization hit from desert to iceberg. Most of the girls started working. They needed fancy & trendy design of jewellery .The machine made jewellery came to trend . The heirloom & contemporary pcs of hand made jewellery became rare . Our past chairman Lt. Asok Roy had a tremendous sixth sense & future views. He jumped for expansion. In 2001 he opened a branch at Gariahat. In 2004 he sent a team of deligation to NABC ( North American Bengali Conference) popularly known as " Banga Sammelan" for exhibition cum sale. Since then till date "Bengal Jewellery" has been visiting NABC & now we are a part & family of NABC committee in USA. In 2006 he opened another branch in East Kolkata (Kankurgachi). He changed the name of his company to "Bengal Jewellery Pvt. Ltd". On 24 th April 2008 the then MD of the company passed away at the age of only 67. The new MD of the company was chaired by his wife Ms. Dhira Roy. She floated another branch at City Center II New Town Kolkata on 2010.

Now we will wait for the future trend of the jewellery Industry and Keep on updating the same.


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