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Bright White Beady Affair. 
The Latin word for pearl is ‘Unique ’. In ’Romantic’ languages like Spanish, French and Italian “margarita” means pearls. There can be different types of pearls. Freshwater or Baroque pearls naturally made in freshwater oysters. Oly Pearls uses its own range of freshwater pearls for all its ornaments. We also offer you a wide range of coloured pearls like : White, Pink, Yellow, Black, Grey etc. for yourfashionable look-out.

Pearl is very precious and should be handled with great care. The more care you take of your pearl jewellery the longer shall it remain new to you. Here is a guide line for your pearl care:

  1. Never use any detergents, bleaches or solutions to clean pearls as it may cause discolouration or damage.
  2. After you wear pearls, gently wipe off with a clean and soft cloth to prevent dirt from accumulating on it.
  3. About every six months have a jewellery professional verify that the pearls in your jewellery are securely mounted or that the string is still good.
  4. Have your pearls restrung once a year if you wear them often.
  5. While taking off a pearl ring, carefully hold the metal part, as it will prevent the pearl from loosening or falling off.



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