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Traditional jewellery witness a revival.

It would almost break your heart to see your most prized jewellery broken. Do not worry, we have a solution.

Do you remember that beautiful armlet your grandmother wore for her wedding? But alas, although you do love it so much, you cannot wear it. It looks back dated? Out of fashion? You do not have to keep it locked up in a box. Just drop in, we have a solution!!

Just the other day your daughter picked out your mother’s brooch and said that it has no used today? Do not feel sad or worried. The brooch can become one of the most fashionable accessory your daughter would want to wear for her next invitation to a party. Come to us, we promise to do this magic.

Do you remember that beautiful necklace that had always been the cause of conflict between you and your sister? Do not let this conflict continue any longer. Come to us please. We guarantee to satisfy both of you without making any alteration in your choices.

Every piece of jewellery worn by a woman is for specific purpose and therefore, has a special connotation. Hence, we offer you our specialized skills in restoring and repairing it to its exact look.

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