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The most sought after gem in the world is DIAMOND. It was first mined & discovered in India in 500 B.C.
A Diamond is valued using the 4 C’s: CUT, CLARITY, COLOUR & CARAT weight.

Cut: Brilliant cut diamond has 64 facets or more. Brilliant diamonds are said to reflect the best spectrum of light. Diamonds also have different shapes like: princess, pear, marquise, etc. The brilliance of a diamond depends on its cut. But, a ‘diamond cut’ does not mean the same thing as ‘diamond shape’.

Clarity: Since diamond is formed naturally, they might have certain black spots (known as ‘inclusions’) in them. The clearer the stone the more expensive it is and vice versa. Hence the choice of a diamond with no inclusions is always considered the best.

Colour: Diamonds, again as naturally formed, do come in different colours like: black, pink, yellow, blue etc. A clear coloured diamond is also very expensive. But the most commonly used diamond is white in colour. For your reference, the prince of Pink Diamond might go higher than white Diamond.

Carat Weight: Basically, the bigger the stone is, the more expensive it will be. Although a cluster setting may look bigger but if it’s carat weight is the same as the solitaire, the solitaire will be more expensive as a rule.

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