About Us

All diamonds and gem stones are unique in colour & clarity. Hence, no jewels are same. ….. Bengal Jewellery has their own story too & we try to narrate it with great panache.

The first seeds of Bengal jewellery were sown by Late Sambhu Nath Roy who had a  passion for the finest craftsmanship under the banner THE BENGAL JEWELLERY MANUFACTURING COMPANY in 1924 in Calcutta at the age of 18. He was a great visionary as well as entrepreneur. After his demise his only son Late Asok Roy took the Batton from 1977 to 2008 & Under his leadership our Company has grown with commendable elan and has established itself as one of the foremost jewellery institutions of Eastern India. From 2004, we started expanding our business to USA, Canada . in 2015, his next generation added a feather expanding to United Kingdom and Europe..  presently, there are four retail network stores in kolkata  & overseas too.

Till date Bengal jewellery caters to maintain the balance between culture, tradition & modernity



Spanning through a legacy of 97 years, the Bengal Jewellery is a striking expression of aesthetic & cultural history. Bengal Jewellery has been creating art in form of jewellery & masterpiece through generations, by the best Karigars & Artisans of India.

Heirloom jewellery is a meaningful object that belongs to a family & gets passed on through generations. it is their sentimental value that makes them precious. *** Repurposing, restoring or refurbishing old jewelleries has been a thing for people for a long time, especially in a country like India, where jewellery is a large part of family events & social life. Thus, Bengal Jewellery came up with the unique solution of modernising or reviving old / antique pieces of jewellery.

Our artisans/ Karigars create most iconic pieces of jewellery that beget exclusivity, defining the philosophy of our main moto i.e. to serve all the family members and not just one single member of the family. During the british raj Bengal jewellery was the pioneer to alter the setting of gems from kundan-setting (Indian style) of uncut gems to the open, claw setting of multifaceted gems and follows such traditions till date .



Bengal jewellery is not just an institution which provides state of the art jewellery. It tries to implement goodness into the society with its deeds as well. …the CSR activities conducted draw / provide an insight into this perspective.

Bengal jewellery built & arranged rent free oxygen concentrators during COVID-19 pandemic situation for the benefit of the people of the society.

A task force team was formed from amongst Bengal Jewellery Parivar for arranging medical beds,oxygen, medicine, safe house , food etc who helped near about 300 families with all of these facilities

We had extended our support to Swarna Shilpa Bachao Committee ( our local  jewellery association)  for contacting & availing services from our task force members. Renowned  Bengali author Mr Samaresh Majumder ; Book Fair Guild president Mr. Tridip Chatterjee, had sent us personal notes to encourage and appreciate our efforts. Apart from these, we had received numerous electronic praise notes which enabled us to keep doing our work .

 we have arranged and provided vaccination of all staff & their family members as well.

The Amphan & Yaash were two major recent disastrous cyclonic storms that hit Bengal during the pandemic and shook the people and thousands lost all hope. But, Bengal jewellery extended its helping hand along with ROTARY INTERNATIONAL by standing beside them in actual ground and sending out / providing relief materials to as many people as possible.

 Quiet often we conduct projects with ROTARY INTERNATIONAL which are all dedicated for the well-being of the society .

 all work & no play would mean no fun. We at Bengal Jewellery take care of the staff at every step. Annual picnics are arranged …Even outstation vacations (with family ) are arranged . Little bit of fun hurts no one. Thus, we try to maintain the work-order-fun balance for serving the society in a better way.

Not only do we assist in building the society, we also try to keep a close vigilance & try to provide for the betterment of the life of all staff & their family members in order to ensure social security for them .


R& D

We at Bengal Jewellery keep on continuous R&D on young crowds. We admire the excellence and strive to deliver the best. Our core strength lies in excellent product quality with attractive designs. Till date Bengal jewellery caters to maintain the balance between culture, tradition & modernity



Welcome to our world of karigari, art &mostly hand crafted jewellery. Crafting jewellery is no less than an art. This century old tradition of Jewellery making is an intricate work that has evolved over time. Our experienced jewellery-makers bring the art of jewellery-making to life & pass on this traditional craft to the next generations. Each piece of jewellery is crafted with a signature finish. We go through multiple quality checks to ensure that you get the very best in terms of design and  finishing.